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Madison MacArthur Merges with The ExeQFind Group

The ExeQfind Group is proud to announce the addition of a new partner and team based in Toronto.  This new addition is the result of the merger of Toronto-based Madison MacArthur into The ExeQfind Group effective at the start of 2021.

Launched in 1994, Madison MacArthur built a reputation for superior service in executive search throughout Canada.  Given the economic integration between the US and Canada, Madison MacArthur went on to open offices in both New York and Michigan.  This approach mirrored a process followed by The ExeQfind Group and The QualiFind Group in serving the cross-border market between the US and Mexico.  

As the president of Madison MacArthur, Sylvia MacArthur is now a senior managing partner in The ExeQfind Group and our professional recruitment practice – The QualiFind Group.  She will lead our Canadian practice.

This merger ensures that our dually focused practices now offer expanded sector expertise, consultant depth, cultural fluency and geographic reach and all while retaining a boutique approach to client engagement.  One of our value propositions in the dual practice model is the ability to leverage the client relationship and organizational knowledge to support client talent needs at both the mid-management to senior executive level as well as functional specialists.

Our clients stand to benefit greatly from the added expertise in consumer goods, retail, energy, healthcare, financial services and real estate.  This merger will further enhance our ability to grow and serve previously untapped markets.

The new addition will further cement The ExeQfind Group’s ability to fully represent the world’s largest trading bloc organized by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).  The USMCA, formerly known as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) pulls together almost three decades of business and economic integration in North America.

“With 25 plus years in executive search we scaled our firm to effectively serve SMEs and multinational organizations in both the US and Canada”, said Sylvia MacArthur.  Our prior collaborations with The ExeQfind Group led to us developing the kind of trust and mutual respect that brought us to where we are today.  By merging with The ExeQfind Group, we gain a larger footprint, strategic resources in the USA, our partners in Latin America and a more comprehensive service for our clients.  This is a real win-win for ourselves and our clients.  It fully leverages our complementary experience, cultural fluency and our expertise in retained executive search.

Warren Carter said, “We serve many client organizations that have subsidiary operations throughout the Americas.  Adding Sylvia and her team to ours will allow us to collaborate more effectively and offer a more seamless level of support to these clients.  Sylvia’s expertise and reputation in retained executive search are beyond reproach.  She’s been a great source of inspiration, advice and mentorship to me during our dual tenures on the Board of IRC Global Executive Search Partners as well as when we have collaborated on international search assignments.  I’m very excited to have her and her team’s influence integrated with ours as we continue to make The ExeQfind Group a go-to resource for clients.”

Further distinction can be found in the fact that The ExeQfind Group and Madison MacArthur have all been consistently ranked by Forbes magazine in their annual list of the Top Executive Search Firms.  Sylvia MacArthur has the added distinction of being the only retained executive search consultant in Canada to have been named to Business Week’s List of the 100 Most Influential Headhunters in the World.

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