Five Key Qualities to Assess in a Successful Executive Hire

Five Key Qualities to Assess in a Successful Executive Hire

The direction of the company does not just rest upon the shoulders of the CEO. For an organization to perform to the best of its ability and capacity, building an executive team that complements each other’s expertise is an indispensable objective.

Executive hires must be able to effectively embody and promote the philosophy of the company they belong to, as well as stick to them even when the pressure becomes immense. Since an organization can only be as strong as its weakest link, getting executives who can fill the gap in each other’s shortcomings is important.

An excellent team that leads the direction of the gears of a company can secure its success in the long-run. Business factors, such as organizational growth and adaptability, can be satisfactorily met if the executives are capable enough to work together effectively to make it a reality. The right, cohesive leadership team is critical to driving and sustaining a corporation’s growth momentum.

But what exactly should we look for in an executive hire? Here are 5 of the qualities you should always be able to determine when hiring a new executive.

  1. Adeptness in Communication
    Communication is an important skill when looking for effective executives. While they must be able to explain your company’s objectives with utmost clarity, the role also requires them to be motivational. The executive you will be hiring must be capable of communicating your overall goals with a special nuance on your organization’s mission and vision.
  2. Inventiveness and Creativity
    Your company is bound to face pressure time after time. This requires that you pick someone that is agile and resourceful and with the ability to endure such challenges with resolve and a calm composure. Make sure that you look for someone who can be creative and collected in coming up with decisions that do not compromise your organization’s aspirations and goals.
  3. Cultural & Organizational Fit
    Your executive team should be a microcosm of the whole organization and set the cultural foundation. The culture that has already been established by the people who work for the organization is also an important factor to consider when looking for a new executive. If you believe that you already have the company culture that can set you up for success, find someone who can fit well in it. If you desire a positive change in your organization’s present culture, look for somebody who has the qualities you need to enable and facilitate the change that meets your company’s aspirations.
  4. Cultural Understanding
    To stay relevant, all businesses need to be able to function effectively within a global environment. This requires that executives understand cultural nuances and be proficient in working with a broad spectrum of nationalities – both within your company and with your customer base. At the very least, executives must possess some semblance of cultural sensitivity and a willingness to learn and adapt as needed.
    Beyond the culture, your executive team may already be a composition of different experts from a variety of industries. They have unique functions and strengths that can help you achieve the standards you’ve set for your company. When adding to your existing executive team, it is essential to evaluate the existing expertise as well as the gaps and look for executives that provide the needed skills and expertise, thereby complimenting the existing team you already have.
  1. Drive for Growth and Innovation
    Every leader that you add to your team must have the desire for growth and innovation. They must be a catalyst to further the development of your whole organization. Not only should they bring new perspectives in addressing the problems in your company, they should also champion and nurture innovation in others.

Final Piece of Advice

While it may look easy to find the person who can perform the role you need to fill, there are a lot of intangible factors that should never be disregarded. You need someone who is more than just an expert in any given field. You need someone who can complement the team that you already have, or someone who can help you set your company up for success.

Sylvia MacArthur is a Senior Managing Partner of The ExeQfind Group. She has more than twenty years of experience and held senior management roles in marketing and communications where she was credited with hiring and developing effective executive teams that contributed to the company’s bottom line.

Sylvia is a recognized leader in the executive search profession. She is the past Chair of IRC Global Executive Search Partners and a former Board member. She was the only Canadian executive recruiter that was named by Businessweek Magazine as one of the world’s top 100 most influential head-hunters.

Sylvia can be reached at: [email protected] or 647-688-7356.

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