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Executive Transition Support

Traditional outplacement programs are often too junior in design and overly dependent upon traditional networking techniques. While this may work for functional specialists, it doesn’t adequately address the needs of a senior executive.

executive transitions

Opportunities at the executive level are rarely advertised. So who does a senior executive network with to get competent exposure? Our hands-on and in-person executive transition program addresses this dynamic through a placement-focused strategy.

Our Placement-Focused Solution

We start by preparing the executive to be introduced to the top 150 executive search firms as well as key people who routinely recruit at the senior level. Preparation includes a range of role-specific, achievement-oriented resumes. We then optimize their LinkedIn profile to ensure content, imagery and graphics project an accurate and complimentary image of the executive.

We then begin the process of facilitating introductions to the practice leaders and search consultants that work within the executive’s sector of expertise. Simultaneously, we provide direct one-to-one coaching around interview preparation, exercising emotional intelligence, networking follow-up and negotiation strategies.