Interim / Fractional Executive Leadership

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Executive and functional leadership needs change as your organization evolves through points of challenge and transition.

We offer key interim leadership talent on a fractional basis to resolve such issues as:

Leadership Gaps to achieve stability when a leader exits on short notice or when functional gaps arise.

Startup / Expansion: Help build a foundation to scale a startup or expansion initiative and / or address inefficiencies with people, process, and accountability.

Stagnant Growth: Support turning around a business by taking on such issues as financial instability or gaining renewed alignment among team members.

No Time for a Search…

We have screened and vetted thousands of top-tier executives over our collective years in executive search and recruitment. The results of that are an exceptional team of accomplished executive leaders that are now available on-demand and at a moment’s notice.

Executives available on an interim or fractional basis opt to leverage their verified track record of success for shorter-term assignments versus a full-time role. This is not a recruitment firm approach of throwing resumes of unemployed executives for you to interview and consider. We curate a short-list of executives with the requisite skills and experience to meet your needs. Each executive presented has had their prior experience and track record of success as well as personal and professional references completely vetted and available for review prior to engagement.

We offer flexible and scalable contracts based on your needs regardless of whether the engagement is a few months or a few years. You get operational decision-making that’s accountable for results without a longer term commitment.

How we do it…

Step One – Finding a Match
We explore your needs and gaps in a discovery process to match you with the best interim executive.

Step Two – Roadmap & Action Plan
A qualified executive or the chosen interim executive will conduct an initial assessment of what’s working and what’s not and then develop a roadmap and action plan to move forward.  You will have the option to discuss, review and refine the roadmap and action plan.  Once mutual consensus is achieved on the action plan, the interim executive is ready to implement.

Step Three – Integrate, Implement & Execute
Your new interim executive integrates within your organization and other relevant stakeholders to implement the action plan with a laser focus on decisions and results.