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The demands wrought from disruption, crisis and globalization require key functional expertise.
Our search consultants were previously functional leaders. We understand firsthand, the issues that keep you up at night.

We have a 20+ year track record of success placing senior managers and leaders in the following functional disciplines:



The ExeQfind Group provides retained executive search and talent management solutions to key managerial to executive leadership challenges. We set out to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s organizational and business challenges in order to achieve comprehensive solutions. When engaged to secure needed talent, we partner with our clients to identify, engage and assess the best available leadership talent. We seek out talent aligned with cultural and organizational fit and goal orientation. You can count on our relationship building and attention to detail to build and leverage mutual interest to secure the hire you need.


We offer consultants with expertise in virtually every business and organizational challenge to include customer-focused growth, family & closely-held governance, board composition & succession; mergers, acquisitions & integrations, transformation & innovation, and leadership top grading.


We provide executive recruitment services across all areas of modern agriculture to include agribusiness, ag-technology & inputs, precision agriculture, resource management, poultry & animal science, processors & production; retail, distribution & food service, food & beverage products, industry associations, research & development and sustainable solutions.

Our consultants have decades of experience supporting the consumer sector in such areas as consumer products, retail & ecommerce, apparel & luxury goods, and restaurants, leisure & hospitality. Consumer focused businesses have undergone unprecedented change and our consultants are prepared to leverage our experience to recruit the talent you need to transform your business.

If you are building an agile high performance team you know the importance of creating a culture of innovation. Innovation is a by product of people with diverse approaches to problem solving that are working in sync with each other. A culture of innovation allows employees to feel valued and confident in the contributions they make. If you have DEI initiatives within your organization, our organization is here to support you in achieving your goals in executive search and recruitment.

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving towards more personalized care. Disruptions wrought from innovation and breakthroughs to care and supporting systems means that your organization needs leadership to embrace and integrate productive change. Our consultants have successfully completed executive search assignments in integrated delivery systems, academic & community-based medical centers, physician group practice and healthcare insurance.

The industrial sector is one of the most dynamic and changing areas of executive search. The rise of industry 4.0, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and scaling business to a changing world requires adaptive leadership. Leaders in manufacturing and industrial organizations must have specific, uniquely-attuned and forward thinking skills. We offer more than 23 years of experience engaging, assessing and securing talent across the industrial arena. From Detroit to Queretaro and from Shenzhen to Berlin, our colleagues in executive search in more than 40 countries are well positioned to secure the leadership you need – when and where needed.

Our consultants have extensive experience supporting the leadership talent needs of service organizations across the spectrum to include consulting firms, business services, accounting firms, technology & digital services, business process outsourcing, human capital and legal services. Our transparent search process allows us to work closely with our clients in securing and retaining long-term successful leadership talent.


Few search assignments are more impactful on an organization’s success and performance than those at the C-level. The ExeQfind Group understands that your success depends on leadership that can set, develop and influence strategic goals and direction, empower employees and build your company’s brand in your market. We understand that technical and functional expertise becomes subordinate to sound leadership skills and a solid grasp of business fundamentals. We seek and find senior executives that have experience but also possess core values, leadership, and communication skills and a career trajectory that is aligned with your organization and company culture. The following roles are representative of those placed by The ExeQfind Group:
· Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
· Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
· Chief Information Officer (CIO)
· Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)
· President
· Chief Operating Officer (COO)
· Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
· Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
· Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Over the past two decades, The ExeQfind Group has placed some of the best and brightest finance and accounting leaders for organizations across a wide array of industries and geographies. The following roles are representative of those we have placed:
· Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
· Vice President, Finance
· Controller
· Investor Relations
· Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)
· Director of Finance
· Audit & Tax
· FP&A

For the past two decades, our consultants have observed the winners and losers of online commerce and are astutely aware of today’s ecommerce ecosystem. This ecosystem requires a truly consultative approach to securing talent that has lived through challenges in ecommerce, martech and the related supply chain.

The ExeQfind Group understands the intricacies of combining technical skills with those of leadership. Our consultants have successfully completed searches in aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction & infrastructure, defense, emerging technologies, energy, environmental science, industrial, mechanical, and water & fluid management.

One of today’s greatest challenges for employers is workforce engagement. Effective and impactful leadership in the HR suite is critical to achieving engagement and virtually every aspect of managing your most valuable resource. Our consultants have placed HR leaders from the C-suite to Vice President and Director level to solve challenges in organizational development, talent management, compensation, strategy and DEI initiatives.

We have served many organizations in need of talent across the spectrum of marketing and communications capable of elevating their brand and guarding their reputation. Our consultants have delivered middle management to C-suite talent in digital marketing, corporate marketing, marketing communications and branding, media relations, social media and investor relations.

Recent supply chain challenges have underscored the importance of having effective leadership in key operational and supply chain areas of your business. Best-in-class organizations understand that transparency, speed and agility are key to growth. They know these metrics cannot be attained without people who can leverage technology to operate efficiently and produce quality products with agility and speed. Our consultants work across all industry sectors and international borders.

Our base in the United States coupled with our global network allows us to engage credentialed regulatory compliance talent with experience relevant to your industry and needs. We understand that effective in-house compliance departments need to earn trust and confidence to serve both internal and external stakeholders. Regardless of whether your needs are trade or regulatory compliance, we know you need accomplished talent that can build, maintain and optimize compliance programs by staying abreast of regulations and assessing risks.

We have extensive experience placing mid to senior executive leaders in key sales and business development role. From Chief Commercial Officer roles to Country Sales Managers, chances are we have placed sales talent in an environment or market similar to your own. Our experience includes placing accomplished talent across the spectrum of B2B, B2C or B2G in such areas as:
· Sales Management
· Account Management
· Client Relations
· Customer Experience
· Key Performance Management
· Sales Training
· Sales Incentives
· Territory, District and Regional Management
· Business Development Management
· Channel Development
· Competitive Analyses
· Inside Sales
· Field Sales
· Sales Forecasting
· Technical Sales


For executive search support throughout North America & Latin America, contact:
Warren Carter
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
770-375-0784 office
619-921-1795 mobile
[email protected]
Pia Puebla
Santiago, Chile
+56 9 9826 5506
[email protected]

The ExeQfind Group’s network of executive search consultants in the APAC region includes Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore.

For executive search support throughout EMEA, contact:
Tracy Dawson
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 82 414 8292
[email protected]

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