When we reach out to you via phone, email, text or social media; we are doing so to share an opportunity we believe may be advantageous to your career.  Career advancement comes in many forms and its not always in the form you expect.  We understand that you may be DEEPLY ENGAGED in your current role and have no interest in considering a career move.  We invite you to consider this analogy…

Consider yourself to be an individual business or corporation with a fiduciary responsibility to yourself and your shareholders (your loved ones).  Most every business executive at some level is tasked with being vigilant to new opportunities to advance the organization, its mission and its bottomline.  You are no different.  As an individual you’ve made significant investments in time and resources to accrue education, make sacrifices of yourself and family to make gains in your professional life, among other things.  Why should you as the Chief Executive Officer of yourself not be vigilant to opportunities to advance your career, improve your quality of life, gain new experiences and expand your professional network?

Here are some reasons we think you should listen if you’re approached by one of our consultants to explore a new opportunity.  Our consultants have extensive experience within the areas that we practice executive search.  They understand the leadership needs of our clients and have deep experience identifying opportunities that don’t always fit the textbook definition of career mobility.  A simple exploratory call with The ExeQfind Group consultant who reached out to you can expand your horizons.

Every placement we make in a client organization is backed with a one-year guarantee.  We accept this responsibility because we know we have taken the time to get to know the candidates we move forward in a client search.

Our services are paid by employers that are seeking exceptionally talented and experienced people for middle /  senior management and executive leadership roles.  This means that 100% of our focus needs to be finding and assessing candidates relevant to the search mandate not supporting individuals in their search for a new role.   Client search mandates are typically laser-focused in terms of required skills, experience, education and geographic location which necessitates our time and attention being focused only on those candidates that meet those parameters.

If you are actively seeking a new opportunity, we invite you to register your credentials with us for reference by our executive search consultants when they are engaged in a search relevant to your skills and experience.  Having registered with us, it will allow our search consultants to more easily connect with you and explore the opportunity with you.  It is important to understand that we cannot actively support candidates in their individual job search and therefore ask that you understand that we cannot respond to every registration within our database.

No.  All of our fees and expenses are paid by the client organization that engages us for an executive search assignment.

As a retained search firm, all search assignments we undertake are exclusive.  Additionally, at any given time; many of our search assignments are confidential in nature.  When the search is confidential, we can oftentimes reveal our client’s identity by having candidates sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement once they have been qualified  and have expressed continuing interest in the role.

We fully understand candidate’s need for discretion and confidentiality – even if you are only expressing interest in having an exploratory conversation about an assignment we have shared with you.  Rest assured that we hold your identity and information with the utmost privacy.  We do not divulge candidate identity or information to client hiring managers until the candidate has provided consent and interest is established.

There are too many reasons to appropriately list here.  They can range from legal issues to simply being that the client is unsure what an appropriate compensation range is for the role in question.

Being unsure of what an appropriate range would be for the desired qualifications is one of the most common reasons.  In such cases, our mandate will be to present a range of talent that possesses the desired qualifications and experience with the client committing to hire the best-qualified person.  It doesn’t mean the client will pay significantly above a competitive amount, it means they want to see a balanced array of options in order to make a more informed hiring decision.  This approach focuses the assessment process on determining fit for the role and the organization without clouding the assessment with compensation questions.  Once the client has a range of options to choose from, they make the choice on fit and adjust their budget to accommodate.

Other reasons range from determining whether a candidate’s interest and motivations are multi-dimensional or primarily around compensation.  If it’s the latter, it could be a strong indication that candidate fit is in question.

Our consultants are very knowledgeable of industry-specific salary ranges, incentives, pay structures (which can vary by country & region) and benefits.  They know when the timing is appropriate to discuss compensation.

If you are contacted by one of our executive search consultants to participate in a search assignment, here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with the consultant:

  • We will provide you with candid information about our client, relevant stakeholders and reporting relationships and their goals once we have determined mutual interest is established between you and our client. We guarantee all successfully placed executive hires for one year.  To ensure we can make that guarantee, it is critical that both client and candidate have an impartial understanding of each other.
  • Guidelines and tips for an effective interview process as well as objective post-interview feedback.
  • Every search assignment we manage is exclusive and many of those are confidential in nature. This translates into ensuring your privacy is closely guarded and that your candidacy is not in competition against any other search firm or process.
  • An objective and consultative win-win approach to compensation negotiations.
  • Assistance with relocation issues as well as onboarding support for a smooth transition and an optimal integration into our client’s organization.
  • Continued communication after onboarding and integration to ensure that both our client and your expectations are met and continue to be met during the critical first year.

For a variety of reasons, we do not typically advertise or post active executive search assignments on public forums.  If you would like to connect with The ExeQfind Group, we invite you to register with us via Not Actively Looking.  Registration is free and can be completed in less than 2 minutes.  Your private profile will be available for our search consultants to consider you for relevant search assignments.