The most critical challenge to service organizations today is quite simply evolve or be consigned to oblivion.

Regardless of industry, the services sector must adapt to new business models, changing economic conditions and increased client expectations.  Virtually every sector of the services industry is impacted by constant innovation to be faster, less expensive and more efficient.  To address these challenges requires leadership that is adaptive, accountable, and capable of transformative change.

The ExeQfind Group serves a wide array of services organizations from multinationals to startups and family-owned businesses.  Our executive search consultants work closely with clients to aid in navigating constantly changing ecosystems and finding leadership with the competencies and perspectives to achieve success.  Our expertise includes:


  • Business Services & Process Outsourcing
  • Human Capital, Organizational & Talent Advisory
  • Law Firms / Legal Services
  • M&A, Transaction & Restructuring Advisory
  • Private Equity
  • Strategy & Management Consulting
  • Technology, Digital & System Integration Consulting


  • Asset Management
  • Consumer & Commercial Finance
  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • FinTech
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Management


  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Development
  • Facilities Management

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