We do retained executive search – and we do it exceptionally well.

We build deep relationships within the markets we serve. These relationships and the collective insights add value to our clients’ objectives and goals. People are the driving force behind every successful organization. We deliver the management and leadership talent needed by our clients – when and where needed.

While we have a front-row seat to the industries we serve, it’s the art and science of headhunting for which we are experts at. Our collective group of consultants offer decades of retained executive search experience across such industry verticals as agribusiness, healthcare, FMCG and manufacturing. These are just some of the industry verticals for which we possess deep experience and contextual business knowledge.

Since 1999, we’ve been building relationships and have earned our reputation for being trusted talent advisers. In a field where transactional relationships are the norm, we stand apart by building a deep understanding of what success looks like in your business. We leverage that understanding to assess the types of people that will and will not be successful in your organization. Our expertise as headhunters coupled with our relationships in the market ensures we are successful at engaging and securing the talent that best meet your needs.

A successful leadership hire requires more than assessing the candidate. A high performer in one environment is no guarantee of success in another. We believe in the importance of understanding the context of the role, your clients and the team they will lead while assessing the candidate is critical to delivering lasting success.

Since 1999, we have focused on the markets within the Americas.  Since then we have nurtured and developed partnerships with our 350+ retained executive search colleagues that span 80+ cities on 6 continents. We have leveraged our partners for assignments across every corner of the world.

We serve as true advisors to our clients throughout all phases of a search.

Our goal is to exceed client expectations by providing both a smooth and thorough process but also substantive options to make an informed decision to hire.

Collaborative & Transparent

We attribute much of our success to our collaborative model of executive search and recruitment.  Our state-of-the-art CRM offers both transparency and opportunities to collaborate in real-time.  Our CRM provides 24/7 access to both engagement progress but also access to search deliverables via a client portal.  This tool allows us to leverage both our search expertise and real-time data in collaboration with your unique insights to efficiently deliver the best available talent for your search mandate.

1. Establishing Search Mandate

Prior to launching each search with an initial client consultation where we work with stakeholders to identify and prioritize your objectives for hire. We analyze the challenges unique to both your organization and the role. We work with you to determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required and when appropriate, offer insights into alternative ideas or a fresh perspective on assumptions among stakeholders.

2. Forming Search Strategy

Once we have established a clear mandate for the search, we will develop a customized position and candidate brief to determine client priorities that will shape the search process. Providing the search isn’t confidential, we will detail the attributes of working for your organization and promoting your employer brand. The candidate brief is developed to achieve interest and engagement with passive candidates as well as outline the role, responsibilities, objectives and challenges along with required experience, qualifications and competencies.

3. Search Launch

Utilizing our collective decades of experience, we deliver fresh research on each search. We conduct targeted research into organizations and sectors to establish a talent map of prospective candidates with relevant skill-sets and qualifications. We couple this research with our extensive knowledge and relationships with leadership across industries and functions. With a developed long list of prospects in hand, we engage third-party centers of influence to identify and qualify prospects clients to further refine our long-list.

4. Go to market

With a client-approved candidate brief in-hand, we begin approaching prospective candidates to engage their interest. Our experience in gaining insights into candidate motivations and aspirations are fully leveraged in persuading our top prospects to be open to considering the opportunity.

5. Candidate evaluation & assesment

Once we have achieved interest and engagement with qualified candidates, we will conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with those candidates. From that process, we will develop a short list of candidates that possess the verifiable skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitude established in the criteria for hire. Our ongoing communication with our client ensures their expectations have been met and/or exceeded.

6. Candidate interviews with client

Short-listed candidates will be presented and accessible via our client portal within our CRM system. The client portal allows the client hiring manager and/or key stakeholders to access in-depth written analysis, candidate CV, assessment results and reference reports. Candidate deliverables provide clarity into their achievements, track record and insights into their past performance. No search is the same. We work in close collaboration with our client to ensure that relevant information is gathered, vetted and shared to ensure its contribution to an informed decision to hire.

7. Completing the search

Once our client selects their preferred candidate for hire, we will conduct a thorough reference check to include written responses to key questions to further assess their competencies, strengths and weaknesses as well as provide perspectives from prior leadership, peers and subordinates. We also conduct background checks that are customized to both client’s desire for information as well as what is available in the region of hire.

We will work closely with the client in negotiations with the candidate over compensation and benefits and other aspects of finalizing the search. Once agreement is attained, we will communicate regularly with both client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition. We back all mid-management to C-suite placements with a 365-day guarantee and will follow periodically throughout the year to ensure the placement’s fit in the organization as well as their transition to success.